DAPP is available in 3 solutions

The easiest way to digitalize your product: a QR code scan from the packaging, simply through the browser, to access a dedicated web page containing the initiative to engage your consumers.

Your logo placed on packaging or any other communication materials becomes an AR marker with DAPP and Augmented Reality. A simple scan trough DAPP app to easily access your special content to engage the consumer.

A completely customized customer journey to connect your product with the consumer in a unique way. Loyalty and engagement at its maximum level starting from a QR code (no app needed) or image (with Augmented Reality on your personalized app).

Compare the DAPP solutions

Enabling technologies

Standard code

Alphanumeric code printed on the packaging.

QR code

QR Code printed on the packaging.

Augmented Reality (AR)

“Marker” that can be scanned via AR (it can be any image, even your logo!).


Customised landing page

Branded web page.

“DAPP” standard APP

DAPP app already available on Play Store and Apple Store.

Customised APP

Customised DAPP app, or DAPP features implemented in your existing App.

Engagement programmes

Instant wins

Engagement programmes such as “Scratch and win”, “Rush and Win”, “Fill in the form” and much more (Find out now if you won!).

Prize draw

Engagement programmes, form filling and much more, to participate in the draw and win a prize.


Quizzes or surveys for multiple-choice answers.

Photo/video contest

Photo contest on a custom landing page.

Instagram/Facebook contest

Photo contest through social network sharing.

Instagram/Facebook contest con AR/3D

Photo contest providing 3D filters and masks specifically created for your brand.


Animated games, 3D and much more.

3D content in augmented reality

Interaction of 3D elements with reality through the camera of any smartphone.

Loyalty/point collection programmes

Campaigns aimed at collecting points or activities that can be repeated over time.

Custom features

Features that can be implemented on request according to specific customer requirements.

Custom promotional campaigns

Campaigns with customised customer journey that can be implemented on request according to specific customer requirements.


Social login

Login without having to register, simply using your social network accounts.


Lead generation

Acquisition of contacts and of their data.

Business Intelligence

Acquisition of purchase and consumption data that can be used for your Business Intelligence strategies.

Dashboard reporting

Access to statistics on campaign performance and on the data collected.

Legal management

Optimisation of marketing campaigns in compliance with current regulations.

API integration

Integration of DAPP features into existing apps via API (Application Programming Interface).

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