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DAPP gives you the opportunity to communicate the product, its origins and its quality, while building consumer loyalty in a unique way. And the brand can learn important information about product consumption.


Consumers are becoming increasingly attentive to the cosmetic products they choose, which is why offering them additional information and benefits can make a difference. With DAPP, the brand has a precious opportunity to enhance the product and get to know its consumers better.

Household Care

Recurring consumer products such as household care products are more suited to prize-giving programmes, building loyalty and bringing brands and consumers closer together than other products.

Apparel and Accessories

With DAPP, every item of apparel or accessory can become a gateway to a world of opportunities and content, which will allow the brand to reach out to customers, get to know them and reward them.


The world of toys lends itself well to new opportunities for interaction, promotion, information, sharing, and much more. With DAPP, you can engage players, who are the first ambassadors of the brand, and get to know them better.


Beverage consumption is often synonymous with socialising and DAPP can enhance this aspect. Consumers can take advantage of that moment with DAPP to play, have fun and be rewarded for their loyalty to the brand, while the brand collects valuable consumption data.

Pharma & Healthcare

When it comes to health, consumers are demanding, meticulous and often distrustful. DAPP helps the brand in this mission of perceiving the product and its benefits, while providing valuable consumer data.

Pet care

Our fur friends require lots of attention and loyalty is also important. With DAPP, you can engage their owners with fun initiatives, prizes and product information in an interactive way.


DAPP allows you to bring technological products closer to consumers, taking advantage of engagement campaigns to build their loyalty and making them ambassadors of the product and of the brand, or simply providing quick access to usage advice.

Events and entertainment

Events and entertainment initiatives have always been a key factor in connecting with brands. Thanks to DAPP, these offline opportunities are digitally enhanced, with engagement initiatives, storytelling and much more to learn everything about consumers.

Discover our projects

Web Marketing Festival

Web Marketing Festival

La birra artigianale lancia una sfida e coinvolge i propri utenti con DAPP: ogni tappo è un gettone virtuale per giocare online e vincere premi.



The international film festival Biografilm goes digital with DAPP: branded touchpoints, 3D content in augmented reality, special promotions and much more.

Good Beer

Good Beer

Craft beer launches a challenge and engages its users with DAPP: each cap is a virtual token that you can use to play online and win prizes.



The game becomes interactive with augmented reality: and Warriors have won also off the field with DAPP!



A cap configurator for out-of-the-ordinary customization: with DAPP, Pelliconi customers experienced the purchasing in a unique and innovative way!