DAPP for Warriors with an activity based on Augmented Reality


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“Warriors” is an American football team, with a large fan base, and have always been committed to supporting activities aimed at retaining their fans.

This is how they decided to take on a new challenge in terms of communication: how could they surprise their fans with an outstanding engagement activity, which could enhance the experience of the match while enhancing the match as an event, not only at home but also at the stadium?

The DAPP PRO solution was the perfect answer: by simply scanning the team logo on the glass or cap, users were able to collect an exclusive augmented reality filter with each scan and, as a result, accumulate a score.

By accessing the Warriors app, users could therefore view the points they had accumulated, use them to receive themed prizes, try out the AR filters obtained and have fun applying them to their photos and videos. These could then be shared on social networks to get more points.

The match becomes interactive with augmented reality: and with DAPP, the Warriors have also won off the pitch!