DAPP for Pelliconi with maximum customisation






Augmented Reality
Custom features (configurator)

Pelliconi – the world’s leading group in the production of caps and creator of DAPP – has always invested in new ways of developing the services it offers to its clients.
Pelliconi offers its clients not only consultancy and the production of the best caps to meet their needs but also the option of implementing them with engagement campaigns where caps are the privileged touch point to reach out to consumers.

In order to offer its customers an innovative way of enjoying the Pelliconi experience, the company has chosen the DAPP PRO solution: a complete “cap configurator” has been developed, which, with the aid of Augmented Reality, offers Pelliconi’s customers the option of configuring their cap, to have an AR demo and to customise both the external and internal graphics of the cap. The latter, in particular, can then be set as a “marker” to gain access to promotional campaigns and multimedia content, which can also be managed independently through the configurator.

Unparalleled customisation: with DAPP, Pelliconi’s customers have had a unique and innovative shopping experience!