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Good Beer is a craft brewery founded with the aim of revolutionising the very concept of beer, researching new flavours and new ways to amaze its consumers and sector enthusiasts.

Therefore, in addition to being a drink, beer is perceived as a real taste experience, but not only. So here is the challenge: how to engage consumers to broaden their experience and enhance the moment consumption?

The DAPP PRO solution was the perfect answer: by scanning the QR Code placed on the back of the caps, users had access to an exclusive web app containing the Good Beer Trivia, the quiz with themed questions that got everyone involved, enthusiasts and non-enthusiasts alike.

Each scanned cap corresponded to a virtual token that users needed to take part in the quiz: each exact answer allowed users to accumulate points that could be used to get discounts, gadgets and much more. However, for each wrong answer, users had to scan a new cap to be able to continue playing and accumulate points.

From a pub to online gaming, it’s quickly done: with DAPP, Good Beer has become an opportunity for entertainment in a unique and digital way!