DAPP per Biografilm Festival 2018


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Biografilm is the international film festival that enlivens the city of Bologna (Italy) every year for three weeks, with numerous events and activities dedicated to the world of cinema, and not only.

For its 2018 edition, Biografilm set itself a major challenge: to become totally smart, that is, digitising all communication materials and turning them into an unprecedented gateway to the Festival’s digital contents.

In order to achieve this goal, Biografilm chose the DAPP EASY AR solution: the Festival logo thus became the marker which – placed on the event’s materials such as glasses, flyers and posters, and scanned with the DAPP augmented reality app – gave participants access to a wide range of 3D contents in AR and special offers.

From real to digital: with DAPP, the Biografilm Festival has become an innovative and surprising consumer engagement experience!