Sales Growth. Brand Awareness. Engagement.

DAPP is the useful solution for all your marketing goals: thanks to advanced digital technologies and Augmented Reality, you can increase sales and raise brand awareness for maximum consumer engagement through your product!

Thanks to DAPP, you can create contests and content to engage new customers and retain existing customers, creating a community and thus increasing brand knowledge. In this way, your brand will be unique and will stand out among its competitors!

Consumer engagement: to experience the brand like never before

By digitising packaging, the opportunities for interaction with consumers will be limitless. Awards, loyalty campaigns, contests, games and multimedia content will always be accessible through QR Codes or Augmented Reality on packaging and products, and will allow consumers to experience the brand in a unique way. Products will be more interesting than ever!

Instant Win

To allow users to win prizes with a single touch: instant wins, draws and much more.


To engage users with games, also to be experienced with others.

Customised experience

To be able to customise initiatives for each user. Experiences will no longer be as they were!


To organise contests and allow users to participate in just a few steps.

Multimedia Contents

To convey multimedia content that describes the brand or product in a unique way.


To allow users to talk about the brand and make initiatives go viral through integration with major social networks.

Don’t worry about changing your packaging: DAPP lets your logo interact with consumers!

Thanks to augmented reality you can use your logo or any other picture as a “marker” to enable contests, instant wins, promotions and much more simply using a smartphone!

Business intelligence: to get to know your users better, engage them and increase sales

Thanks to Augmented Reality or to a QR Code placed on the product or on its packaging, with DAPP companies can trace not only purchases but also consumption, with real-time access to data analytics. This is why DAPP is a privileged Business Intelligence tool, which can track conversions and provide valuable data and statistics to be used for strategy optimisation. You can also create campaigns and contests to encourage not only engagement but also product purchase, thus increasing sales and knowledge of your brand.

Data Analitycs

To monitor the marketing campaigns activated on the packaging in real time, analyse the data obtained and optimise future strategies.

Lead Generation

To increase the database of contacts, segment the community and find the solutions best suited to its needs. You can now find out who your product’s users really are!


To locate users and learn valuable information about their consumption habits, but also to differentiate content according to their location.

Real consumption data

To obtain not only purchase data analytics but also analytics on when the product is consumed. A true paradigm shift!


To enable users to develop a lasting bond with the brand, place their trust in it and be rewarded for their loyalty.

Creation of a Community

To create a real family of users and instil in them a sense of belonging that drives their loyalty and guides their future choices. They will become your product ambassadors.

QR Code and Augmented Reality: DAPP integrated technologies for smart packaging

With DAPP you can have your custom web app to manage online contests and work on real consumption lead generation, but especially DAPP digitises your packaging thanks to integrated technologies such as QR Codes and Augmented Reality: any communication material becomes an opportunity to communicate with consumers in a unique way, increasing engagement, brand awareness and sales like never before.

QR Code

A QR code placed on packaging or on other communication materials, which can be scanned with any camera on modern smartphones, will allow consumers to be connected to online content designed for marketing campaigns.

Realtà Aumentata

Thanks to the DAPP augmented reality app, your logo or any picture can be chosen as a “marker” and become a gateway to a variety of creative contents and promotions. You can also integrate 3D content that interacts with reality to thrill consumers!