DAPP: the digital solution provided by packaging experts

DAPP is a spin-off of Pelliconi – the world’s leading group in the production of caps – from which it has acquired extensive expertise in the field of packaging with a special focus on innovation.
This is why DAPP has the innovative freshness of a start-up company and the strength and reliability of a group with 80 years of experience.

Pelliconi, from packaging to innovation

Established in Bologna in 1939 as “Ditta Angelo Pelliconi” (DAP), specialising in the production of crown caps, today it is a world leader in the field of metal and plastic caps for the Food & Beverage industry.

This ever-growing company now has five production plants spread across four continents and a global sales network that distributes its products in more than 120 countries. This has allowed the group to establish itself as a benchmark player in packaging for the Beverage sector, with high-profile clients and a total annual production of more than 30 billion caps.

Throughout its history, Pelliconi has focused strongly on innovation: this is demonstrated by the fact that it set up a department entirely dedicated to research and innovation with the aim of developing innovative solutions that can be applied to packaging and in other fields, in cooperation with high-profile technological partners.


Thanks to its long-standing experience as a packaging producer in the Food & Beverage sector, for many years Pelliconi has also been gaining expertise in the promotion and consumer engagement activities implemented by its clients by using the primary point of contact between consumers and their product: the cap.

As we evolved, we came up with the DAPP digital platform, which is capable of transforming packaging (and not only) into a digital portal through which consumers can be engaged with highly customised services and technology such as Augmented Reality. This is how DAPP was born in 2017.